'At Last', Directed by Tim Gibson, Produced by Hayley Adams

'The Sound of Love', Directed by Alex Richter, Produced by Karl Walker & Hayley Surgenor

**Winner, Bronze Award, 2017 ACS Victoria/Tasmania Cinematography Awards**

'The Last Man', Directed by Briana Symonds-Manne, Produced by CJ Welsh 

'Breathing Wild', Directed by Jiang Naizhong, Produced by Zhou Shuonan
**Winner, Best Cinematography, 2017 Sydney Indie Film Festival**

'Ghost', Directed by JP O'Brien, Produced by JP O'Brien, Hayley Beveridge & Ide O'Brien

**Winner, Best Cinematography, 2018 Yarra Valley Film Festival**

'Splendor Solis', Directed & Produced by David Mahler

'Rash Avenue to Waterloo', Directed by Cayden Hodgson, Produced by Blake Borcich, Cayden Hodgson & Mark Kenfield

'The Good Wild Man', Produced and Directed by Nicolas Hinze

'Girl in a Towel', Produced and Directed by Diana Djurcinovska

'Walk the Earth', Produced and Directed by Holly Hargreaves

'Teen Patte', Directed by Ankush Gupta, Produced by Durga Ravula

'Aiden', Directed by Lisa Campos, Produced by Joel Richardson